Welcome to Woodgate Healthcare

We are a family owned and operated care home company. If you click Carehomes on the left toolbar, you can view a list of our homes. By clicking Locations, you can view our carehomes on a dynamic map.

Our website has two navigation toolbars.

The top toolbar is for moving between homes. Please click the location of the home you wish to view. This will take you to their website. You can also click ABOUT or CONTACT US to see the general pages about Woodgate Healthcare.

Each part of the website also has it's own toolbar to the left. Each home's toolbar will let you navigate around their site and learn more about what care they provide.

On the general Woodgate Healthcare pages, you can navigate around more pages about the Group.

If you want to contact us, you have two choices:

- Contact the group directly by clicking CONTACT US on the top toolbar.

- Contact the homes direct, by clicking Contact Home on the left toolbar on their respective pages.

We hope you find the website informative, but we would much rather show you around the homes you are interested in, so please contact the homes to organise a viewing.

Thanks for visiting!

     The Woodgate Healthcare Team